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If your goal is to look younger naturally, then you may want to find a treatment that can naturally reduce the visible signs of aging, such as loose skin texture. At Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, we understand that one of the most effective treatments is PRP treatment. Platelet-rich plasma treatments are a good anti-aging option for most people.


PRP is a non-invasive treatment that uses the power of your body’s regenerative abilities to reverse the visible signs of aging. Your blood plasma is a clear substance found in your blood that contains numerous natural healing properties, including properties that naturally stimulate collagen production and aid in wound healing.

When you use plasma treatments on your skin, you can significantly improve your overall tone and texture. This treatment can be used as singular injections or can be applied to your skin after micro-needling.

Because this treatment uses your body's regenerative resources to stimulate collagen production, it's necessary to create your plasma on the same day as your treatment. We will harvest your blood on your treatment day with a blood donation and a special centrifuge that will spin your blood rapidly to separate red blood cells from blood plasma.


When your plasma is prepared, it will then be applied to your desired treatment locations as an injection or masque. Many of the steps involved in your treatment will resemble a classic facial or will be a follow-up to other aesthetic treatments you may use, such as micro-needling.

The amount of plasma in your blood is relatively small compared to your red blood cells, however, that doesn't mean that we will need a large blood donation for your treatment. Usually, we will only draw one or two vials or the equivalent of a blood donation you may give to run certain labs at a doctor's appointment.

Overall, the best way to prepare for this treatment is to drink plenty of water a few days before your appointment. When your body is adequately hydrated, it makes drawing blood much easier and the quality of your blood will be better.


The specifics on how you should prepare for your treatment will depend on the method of your treatment. For example, if you are using blood plasma to follow up micro-needling, you may also be directed to avoid blood-thinning medications to prepare for your appointment.

After your appointment, you will not need to make any changes to your daily routine. Most people return to work or their normal daily activities, including exercise and errands. You may want to continue drinking plenty of water after your treatment. Some patients like to have a small snack immediately after their appointment to replenish blood stores.

This treatment is an excellent anti-aging method for many people. Many of the goals that this treatment can accomplish are related to the texture of the skin. For example, most of the clinical evidence studying the efficacy of this treatment focuses on improving skin laxity, fine lines and wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. By rejuvenating these areas of concern, you can greatly improve these areas of concern.

We recommend 3 treatments in order to achieve optimal results. Each treatment should be within 4-6 weeks and then once a year for the proper maintenance. Of course, the number of treatments you need will depend on your precise treatment method and your treatment goals. We will advise an ideal number of treatments based on your individual needs.

You can expect to see some initial results, but the best results will appear within the months following your treatment as your body grows more collagen and uses the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma to replace damaged or nonexistent tissue with healthier, younger cells.

The results of this treatment are known to last for one to two years at a time. When this treatment is injected directly into the skin, the results can last for a few years because the amount of new collagen produced in the skin is significantly higher than collagen that may be produced with other injectable treatments. If you are only applying this treatment topically, then the results may last for six months to a year.

Most people consider having this treatment when they notice visible signs of aging that are not responding to over-the-counter products. You may also want to consider having this treatment as part of your regular aesthetic treatment plan because this treatment combines well with other anti-aging methods.

The most significant benefit of this treatment is the fact that it is natural, which means that there is zero risk of an allergic reaction from your treatment. Because the plasma used in this treatment comes from your own body, you will not need to worry about chemical reactions or interactions. This treatment is the most natural way to rejuvenate your appearance.

You are likely a good candidate for this treatment if you have goals related to aging, such as improving the tone and texture of your skin. Good candidates can include people of all ages, genders, skin types, and skin tones. This treatment is ideal for improving the appearance of concerns such as:

  • Acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores
  • Crow's feet
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Uneven tone

Look Younger Naturally

If your goal is to look younger with a natural method, then you may want to consider platelet-rich plasma treatments. These treatments work by using your body’s regenerative abilities to reverse the visible signs of aging and can produce results that last for a year or more.

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