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How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Work? Everything You Need to Know About PRP

Orlando, FL

Many people struggle to accept common signs of aging, especially when they start appearing decades before you’re ready. But what if there were a natural and effective way to gently restore youth and vitality to your skin? 

At Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, we offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment to men and women looking to minimize common signs of aging around their face and neck. 

Keep reading to learn about this modern treatment, including how it works and who it is right for. 

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma? 

Platelets and plasma are natural components of your blood. When extracted and separated from red and white blood cells, they can be concentrated into platelet-rich plasma. Among its many uses, PRP can be administered as a cosmetic treatment around your face and neck to combat several common signs of aging. 

Plasma has several powerful natural healing elements, including the following:

  • Blood-clotting coagulants
  • Proteins
  • Electrolytes
  • Infection-fighting immunoglobulins

When administered, the PRP stimulates collagen production within your skin and immediately gets to work repairing damaged cells and tissues. 

How Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Harvested?

The process for harvesting PRP is no different than any other blood draw. A thin needle is inserted into a vein on your arm, and we take out one or two small vials of blood. 

The blood vials are then sent through a centrifuge, which rapidly spins them to separate the platelets and liquid plasma from the rest of the blood. Then, the PRP is extracted and prepared for your procedure.

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for PRP treatment; just make sure you are well hydrated. 

What Can PRP Be Used for?

Platelet-rich plasma can be used to address several common signs of aging, including the following:

  • Forehead wrinkles 
  • Crow’s feet
  • Under-eye bags 
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Uneven skin texture 
  • Melasma 
  • Stretch marks 
  • Large pores 
  • Scars
  • Sun damage 
  • Crepey or loose skin 
  • Dull complexion 

PRP injections are also widely used in the medical field to help heal sports injuries and other soft tissue damage. But at Vanitas Medical Group, we keep it purely cosmetic. 

How Is PRP Applied? 

When you visit us for a platelet-rich plasma treatment, we will help you determine which application method is best for you. There are two main ways to apply PRP: as a mask or with injections. 


When platelet-rich plasma is applied as a mask, the process is very similar to a facial. The PRP is administered to specific areas around your face and then gently massaged into your skin to promote relaxation and aid in absorption. Many people like this method since it is gentle on the skin, but it is not as effective as injections. 

However, masks can be more effective when applied after microneedling or microdermabrasion. Since these treatments provide access to more layers of your skin, it is easier for the PRP solution to penetrate deeper. 


PRP injections are a popular treatment method since they are more effective and allow for greater precision. Injections provide a direct path for the PRP solution to get where it is needed most. This type of treatment is ideal for spot-treating specific concerns, such as sun-damaged areas, but we can also administer it to larger areas. 

What Are the Benefits of PRP?

Read on to learn about three time- and money-saving benefits of PRP treatment at Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL. 

Versatile Treatment Targets Multiple Concerns 

What makes PRP so much better than many other cosmetic treatments is that it can address multiple cosmetic concerns at once. This means you won’t have to pay for different treatments to address each individual concern. 

For example, if you have acne scarring, sun damage, and fine lines that you’d like to eliminate, there’s no need to pay for three different treatments when PRP can help minimize the appearance of all three at the same time. 

Minimally Invasive and Non-Surgical 

Most people are attracted to PRP injections because they provide meaningful results without surgical intervention. This minimally invasive procedure is done right in our Orlando, FL, office and doesn’t require any downtime or time off from work. 

PRP treatment is also very simple and doesn’t require any anesthesia. Since the plasma is harvested from your own body, there is no need for synthetic cosmetic substances. Your body readily accepts the plasma it recognizes as its own. 

Additionally, surgical procedures tend to be much more expensive, so going the non-surgical route can save you additional time and money. 

Long-Lasting Results 

The best part of PRP is that after you complete your recommended treatment plan, you don’t have to come back frequently for touch-ups. You can expect the results to stick around for a while. 

The effects of PRP treatment can last for up to two years when injected directly under the skin. This is because injecting PRP stimulates higher collagen levels than topical application. 

Unlock Younger-Looking Skin Today 

At Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, we offer a wide variety of services to help you maintain your youthful image. Whether you’re interested in non-surgical lip treatments or are looking to undergo a dramatic body contouring procedure, our doctors can help make it happen. 

Our doctors have more than 50 years of combined experience — so you can rest easy knowing you’re in the care of seasoned professionals who have helped thousands of people just like you. 

Reach out to our friendly team of experts today to learn more about any of our cosmetic treatments and to schedule your next visit. 

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