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BioTE: A Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Orlando, FL

As you age, it’s normal to experience some changes to your body and mental processes. You may notice weight gain, a lower sex drive, hair loss, and irritability or mood swings. 

All of these symptoms may be driven by changes in your hormone levels. Undergoing hormone replacement therapy can help alleviate troublesome symptoms and provide a better quality of life.

What Is BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Traditionally, medications consisting of chemical substances were used to restore balance to hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, which often decline during the aging process. However, studies later found that these medications caused unwanted symptoms and risks. As a result, BioTE was developed. 

BioTe is a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy consisting of substances mimicking the natural chemicals in the body that support hormone levels. While synthetic substances are used in the treatment, they are designed to be fully compatible with the body. 

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy involves inserting tiny pellets into the body’s fatty areas, such as the buttocks. As the pellets are absorbed naturally, they release substances that help increase the levels of natural hormones. No daily medications are required. 

Once the pellets are inserted, you’ll undergo regular blood tests to monitor your hormone levels. Maintenance treatments may be required as the body adjusts and absorbs the substances.

What Symptoms Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Ease?

Various symptoms may be alleviated through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Symptoms may occur in both males and females. Examples include:

Hair Loss and Brittle Nails

Hair loss and brittle nails are associated with reduced hormone levels in both men and women. If you notice that you are losing more hair than usual or that your nails crack more often, it may be due to a reduction in hormones. A blood test can help determine whether your hair loss or brittle nails are from falling hormone levels.

Lower Sex Drive

As they grow older, men and women may not feel the need for sex as much as they did in their younger years. If you’re noticing a reduction in your sex drive, your hormone levels may be the culprit. Men may have trouble maintaining an erection, and women may experience more vaginal dryness.

Weight Gain

Hormonal changes don’t always drive weight gain. If you don’t follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly, you will likely gain weight regardless of your hormone levels. However, if you regularly perform vigorous exercise and follow a clean diet but still see weight gain, your hormone levels may be to blame.

Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Swings

Some people are more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and mood swings than others. If you’re seeing signs that your depression and anxiety have worsened with no immediate external factors, your hormone levels may be responsible. Undergoing hormone replacement therapy can help to reduce the severity of mood swings. 

Sleep Disturbance and Fatigue

Requiring less sleep to function is common in adults as they grow older. In fact, most adults over age 40 need only seven hours of sleep daily. Problems arise when you’re obtaining regular sleep but still feel constantly fatigued. 

Other people may wake up more often during the night or have difficulty falling asleep. These sleeping problems may be driven by a hormone imbalance that can be corrected with BioTE.

Confusion and Memory Lapses

If you feel like your memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be, falling hormone levels may be the cause. While it’s common for adults to become more forgetful as they age, sudden changes in memory that aren’t driven by brain injury or medications should be investigated. Tests may reveal your hormone levels to be the reason for your confusion.

How Does BioTE Hormone Replacement Therapy Work?

Before undergoing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy at Vanitas Medical Group, you’ll have a thorough consultation with our experienced medical team. We’ll examine your symptoms to determine whether you are a good fit for BioTE. We’ll need to understand your medical history and obtain a list of medications you’re currently taking.

Following your consultation, you’ll have some blood work done. The blood work will reveal your hormone levels, allowing us to determine the appropriate doses of hormones you need to restore your health. 

All BioTE treatments are customized to suit your physical profile and unique needs. We aim to restore an appropriate level of hormones to your body to reduce the side effects often experienced during menopause or andropause.

On the day of your hormone replacement therapy, we’ll apply a topical anesthetic to the site that will be injected with BioTE pellets. Once you are numb, we’ll gently inject the pellets into your body. The entire appointment should last less than half an hour. 

You’ll be able to return to your normal activities immediately afterward. We’ll also provide you with aftercare instructions to follow in the coming weeks.

Most people find that they begin to see an improvement in their symptoms within a month of their BioTE appointment. The effects of BioTE will continue to alleviate troublesome symptoms as the pellets are absorbed by your body and release more hormones. 

BioTE results may last up to six months before a maintenance treatment is required. We’ll be able to assess a customized treatment plan for you once we understand your symptoms and the hormone levels that need to be altered.

Are You Interested in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

BioTE isn’t for everyone, but it can positively impact the quality of life of patients experiencing the effects of lower hormone levels. 

To find out whether you’re a good candidate for hormone replacement therapy, contact Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL. During your consultation, we’ll help you figure out if BioTE is the solution you need.

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