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Anti-Aging Treatment

Orlando, FL

Anti-aging cosmetic treatments can make a significant difference in not just your appearance but in your confidence. As you age, different areas of your face begin to experience the signs of aging, but a Vanitas Medical Group in Orlando, FL, we offer anti-aging treatments that can help restore your youthful glow, including PRP treatments with platelet-rich plasma, Botox, dermal fillers, and lip augmentation.

What Is PRP for Anti-Aging?

PRP treatments are anti-aging treatments that use platelet-rich plasma derived from your blood to reverse the signs of aging and initiate a healing response within the body that leads to visible results. PRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, is typically administered to the face to address the signs of aging and other visible cosmetic concerns through cosmetic injections or after a microneedling treatment.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma is found in the human blood and contains growth factors and active proteins that can help heal injuries and tissue damage. PRP has been used in the medical world for years and is often injected into joints, tendons, and ligaments to help accelerate the healing process after an injury. Now, it can be used to improve the appearance of the skin by forcing the body to respond with the use of its own stem cells.

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

An anti-aging PRP treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma to address aging-related concerns begins with a standard blood draw. Once we obtain a sample of your blood, we will place it in a specialized device that will spin the blood to separate the PRP from the rest of the plasma. Then, it will be prepared to be injected or applied to your skin after a microneedling treatment.

Once applied or injected into the skin, the body triggers a stem cell response that increases collagen and newer, healthier skin cells, also known as fibroblasts. The fibroblasts will take the place of damaged tissue and fill in areas where tissue has been lost due to the aging process. The result is healthier, younger-looking skin.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

After undergoing a PRP treatment that uses platelet-rich plasma to address aging-related concerns, you can expect to see some initial results, but the best results will appear within the months following your treatment as your body grows more collagen and uses the growth factors in the platelet-rich plasma to replace damaged or nonexistent tissue with healthier, younger cells.

How Does Aging Affect the Skin?

Lines and wrinkles are the most common signs of aging, but some other telltale signs of aging appear on the face and begin to affect the overall appearance. PRP treatments when used preemptively can prevent many of the signs of aging, including the following:

  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Lip lines
  • Depressions of varying depths around the nose and mouth
  • Volume loss in the cheeks
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Jowls or sagging along the jawline
  • Flattening of facial curves
  • Poor skin tone or texture

What Causes the Signs of Aging?

Aside from growing older and the natural aging process itself, there are some factors that can accelerate the aging process and make the signs of aging more apparent. Genetics, repetitive and exaggerated facial expressions, an unhealthy diet, excess sun exposure, and smoking are all examples of different factors that can lead to accelerated aging.

These factors increase oxidative stress, which is responsible for speeding the aging process. The result of extreme oxidative stress is wrinkling, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Platelet-rich plasma can address and reverse these signs of aging and, in doing so, restore health and youth to the skin.

Other Anti-Aging Treatments

At Vanitas Medical Group, we offer other anti-aging treatments that can help restore youth to the complexion. Whether you’re suffering from expression lines, volume loss, thinning lips, or all of the above, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan that helps you temporarily reverse the aging process and achieve natural-looking results.


As your skin ages and loses hyaluronic acid combined with a decrease in collagen and elastin production, expressions begin to affect your skin differently than they used to. Repetitive and exaggerated expressions like frowning, squinting, smiling, laughing, and eyebrow-raising begin to leave etched lines in your skin.

Botox is a wrinkle-relaxing cosmetic injectable that delivers anti-aging results by targeting and relaxing the muscles responsible for those expressions. It can treat crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines and help the skin regain a smooth appearance. The results appear within a week of treatment and last anywhere from three to six months.

Dermal Fillers

Botox treats lines and wrinkles that form from repetitive muscular expressions, and while dermal fillers also target lines and wrinkles, they combat aging by restoring volume beneath the skin’s surface. Smile lines around the mouth, hollow areas, and sunken cheeks are all just some examples of areas of the face that begin to take on an aged-looking appearance as a result of decreased volume.

Dermal fillers can restore volume and youth to the skin by immediately plumping, filling, and lifting the skin. Results can last anywhere from six months to two years based on the formula used to treat your problem areas.

Lip Augmentation

The aging process can also cause the lips to begin to thin. If your lips look thinner than they used to and lack youthful volume, we can use a dermal filler specifically designed for lip augmentation to restore volume to the area. You’ll see immediate results after your lip augmentation treatment and will be able to enjoy those results for six months to one year based on the amount and type of product injected into your lips.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for our PRP and anti-aging treatments are patients looking for a quick and effective way to combat the signs of aging and rejuvenate their skin. An initial consultation at our office will determine which one or combination of these treatments is right for you.

Reverse the Signs of Aging With a Customized Anti-Aging Treatment Plan

You don’t have to live with aged skin, lines, wrinkles, hollow areas, or other aging-related skin imperfections. We have solutions that work and will deliver incredible results, and we offer them right here at our office. Our skincare experts are ready and waiting to evaluate your skin and help you learn more about which treatments can help you reach your anti-aging goals.

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